Thus, the Soviet leader was able to peacefully disengage his nation from this most serious of Cold War confrontations. Playing a vital role, Navy aerial photographic and patrol aircraft observed the deployment of Soviet offensive weapons into Cuba (and eventually monitored their withdrawal by sea). Patrol Squadron 11 (VP 11), 24 Oct - 31 Dec 62. Biddle participated in naval activity near Cuba in weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis.. A Navy Expeditionary Medal was awarded for service from 19 August 1962 to 28 September 1962. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston. 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Plymouth Rock(LSD 29), 24 Oct - 7 Dec 62. Light Photographic Squadron 62 (VFP 62), 24 Oct - 31 Dec 62. Gainard(DD 706), 18-20 Nov 62. The medal was awarded to officers and enlisted men who served ashore in Cuba between the dates of 12 September 1906 and 1 April 1909, or who were attached to a specific number of ships . In what became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy and an alerted and aroused American government, military, and public compelled the Soviets to remove not only their missiles, but also all of their offensive weapons, from Cuba. Hugh Purvis(DD 709), 28 Oct - 18 Nov 62. Mac Donough(DLG 8), 24 Oct - 20 Nov 62. The Cuban Missile Crisis is most commonly conveyed as the story of U.S.-Soviet diplomatic and military posturing that brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation over a thirteen-day . Meritorious Unit Citation Navy Expeditionary Medal Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with seven battle stars World War II Victory Medal National Defense Service Medal Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Vietnam Service Medal with four campaign stars Philippine Liberation Ribbon Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal Citations [ edit] Medal; Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (does not include Global War on Terrorism Medal); Kosovo Campaign Medal; Southwest Asia Campaign Medal; and other DOD authorized combat related medals. Sellers(DDG 11), 24 Oct - 21 Nov 62. Kankakee(AO 39), 24 Oct - 4 Dec 62. 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Altair(AKS 32), 11 - 28 Nov 62. 30 (1913) Movement of the Rudder, General Order No. The Navy Expeditionary Medal was authorized for service performed between 3 January 1961 and 23 October 1962. Keppler(DD 765), 24 Oct - 1 Nov 62. Defense Distinguished Service Issue Regulations. Allagash(AO 97), 6 Nov - 21 Dec 62. Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm - Vietnam 1966 !!!! The Department of the Navy Military Awards Policy, SECNAVINST 1650.1J, establishes policy and SECNAV-M1 contains procedures concerning awards available for use in recognizing individuals and units of the Naval Service. Calcaterra(DER 390), 31 Oct - 14 Nov 62. Mine Sweeping Boat 11, 24 Oct - 17 Dec 62. Wahkiakum County(LST 1162), 24 Oct - 7 Dec 62. 38, USS North Carolina BB55 War Damage Report No. Between these words, completing the circle is a sprig of . In the modern era, service members who were authorized one of these medals are occasionally permitted to choose between receipt of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or the service specific expeditionary medal. Department of Defense. A navy expeditionary medal was awarded for service from 19 august 1962 to 28 september 1962. Gunston Hall(LSD 5), 8 Nov - 5 Dec 62. NOTE: 1. Nespelen(AOG 55), 25 - 27 Nov 62. Aggressive(MSO 422), 28 Oct - 11 Nov 62. All of these achievements stood possible for Chris through many years of tireless hard work and dedication. Rockbridge(APA 228), 24 Oct - 16 Dec 62. Since its original conception in 1961, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal has been awarded for United States participation in over forty five designated military campaigns. William C. Lawe(DD 763), 24 Oct - 21 Nov 62. Air Anti-Submarine Squadron 39 (VS 39), 24 Oct - 13 Nov 62. 1918 Influenza by Vice Admiral Albert Gleaves, Commander of Convoy Operations in the Atlantic, 1917-1919. 112 (1869) Sea Service of Officers to be Three Years, General Order No. Air Anti-Submarine Squadron 30 (VS 30) Det 14, 24 Oct - 1 Dec 62. Aldebaran(AF 10), 24 Oct - 6 Nov 62. Blandy(DD 943), 24 Oct - 1 Nov 62. Recollections of Lieutenant Commander William Leide, Recollections of Lieutenant Wilton Wenker and Lieutenant Elby Concerning the Crossing of the Rhine River in 1945, Recollections of USS Pampanito's rescue of prison ship survivors by Lieutenant Commander Landon Davis, Recollections of Vice Admiral Alan G. Kirk Concerning the Crossing of the Rhine River in 1945, Register of Patients at Naval Hospital Washington DC 1814, Register of USN & USMC Officer Personnel 1801-1807 [pdf], Regulations for the Information of Officers On Neutrality Duty in Connection With the Visits of Belligerent Vessels of War [1916], Regulations For Powder Magazines and Shell Houses 1874, Regulations Governing the Uniform of Commissioned Officers 1897, Reincarnation of John Paul Jones The Navy Discovers Its Professional Roots, Remarks on Protection of a Convoy by Extended Patrols, Remarks on Submarine Tactics Against Convoys, Reminiscences of Seattle Washington Territory and the U. S. 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Each served about two [With aviation squadrons VF-13, VF-84, VA-64 (Shifted to Enterprise 19 Nov), VA-72, VA-75 (Shifted to Guantanamo 22 Nov), VAH-11 Det 8, HU-2 Det 62, VAW-33 Det 62. In back of this is a compass rose, with rays coming from the angles of the compass points. (Accession number: PX66-20:8). [With aviation squadrons VS-26, VS-36, VAW-12 Det 36, HS-7.] United States. Conway(DD 507), 25 Oct - 5 Nov 62. Sea Poacher(SS 406), 29 Nov - 14 Dec 62. 544 (1900) Establishment of the General Board, General Order No. Fighter Squadron 41 (VF 41), 24 Oct - 31 Dec 62. Thomaston(LSD 28), 8 Nov - 5 Dec 62. Bexar(APA 237), 8 Nov - 5 Dec 62. Dahlgren(DLG 12), 27 Oct - 11 Nov 62. New(DD 818), 2-19 Nov 62. The AFEM was made retroactive to 1958 and issued for actions in Lebanon . The Cuban Missile Crisis For thirteen days in October 1962 the world waitedseemingly on the brink of nuclear war. 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Airborne Early Warning Squadron 4 (VW 4), 24 Oct - 31 Dec 62. Terrebonne Parish(LST 1156), 15 Nov - 16 Dec 62. Iwo Jima(LPH 2), 8 Nov - 5 Dec 62. 73 (1866) Resolution of Thanks from Congress to Admiral Farragut for Mobile Bay Action, General Order No. Barry(DD 933), 24 Oct - 1 Nov 62. Soley(DD 707), 24 Oct - 2 Dec 62. . In the fall of 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union came as close as they ever would to global nuclear war. Biddle made her first deployment to the Mediterranean Sea at the close of 1963 returning . Barnabas Lincoln, Narrative of the March and Operations of the Army of the Indus, Narrative of the United States' Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea, Navajo Code Talkers: World War II Fact Sheet. Navy Occupation Medal Issue Regulations. Battlecruisers in the United States and the United Kingdom, 1902-1922. 4 (1863) Emancipation Proclamation, General Order No. Admiral William B. Caperton of the 1918 Influenza on Armored Cruiser No. Hyades(AF 28), 24 Oct - 15 Dec 62. The fleet ocean tug (ATF-149) was laid down on 17 February 1944 at Charleston, South Carolina, by the Charleston Shipbuilding & Drydock Company; launched on 11 July 1944; sponsored by Mrs. B.H. Henrico(APA 45), 8 Nov - 5 Dec 62. TheNavy Expeditionary Medalwas authorized for service performed between 3 January 1961 and 23 October 1962. Washburn(AKA 108), 8 Nov - 5 Dec 62. Go To Top of Page Go To Issue Regulations for Other Medals and Badges 123 (1869) Uniform Change for Masters, Ensigns & Midshipmen, General Order No. Johnston(DD 821), 10-31 Dec 62. herculoids gloop and gleep sounds ", Copy of talk given by Captain B.E. Patrol Squadron 7 (VP 7), 24 Oct - 31 Dec 62. (Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval History and Heritage Command. DANFS - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Permitting Policy and Resource Management, The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: 20 Years Later, "Ex Scientia Tridens": The U.S. Department of Defense Cuban Missile Crisis Briefing Materials. 28, USS Princeton CVL23 War Damage Report No. (National Archives photograph 306-PS-60-16402), Low altitude reconnaissance photograph of medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) launch site number 1 in San Cristobal, Cuba showing missile shelter tents, launch pad, transporters, and other equipment. American Campaign Medal - WW-II. 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