So if its not good Im sorry about that. he liked the memes you sent so he dmed you. God, you knowYoure SO disappointing! Nct dream reaction to their S/o wearing one of their shirts or jumpers. Now you want to talk? Like I love it a lot actually and Im positive my members love it-. you're the only one i want to hold hands with" you link your hands with his tightly. Cmon man, you know I would never do that to you. You just listened quietly, not wanting to anger him into doing something rash. You thought maybe Hongjoong fell asleep, he probably didnt care that you walked out at almost midnight, it wouldnt surprise you. Now.But I have this fo-GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! He screamed, slamming his hand on the desk. He pulled you out, looking at you with a stern-disappointed expression. It was a total accident, breaking Seungmins camera.You knew you had to tell him, so you practiced what to say in the mirror for around an hour. 15. Here, go in my bag over there, and take one of my tanktops to change into and a sweat rag. He softly said, handing you a cold water. As last time, this isn't a "unpopular opinion" thread, and keep it civil. Where the fuck did you go? Out. You would try to teach him English, and he would try to teach you Korean, but youd both just end up dying laughing and give up. -The moment you appeared in front of him at a the fan sign, he immediately had the urge to be close to you. I would NEVER!You literally just stuttered, dont lie to me! Taeil gripped Yoon Ohs shoulders. He wouldnt miss a second of your little English lessons, just like you wouldnt miss his Korean or Chinese lessons. I would appreciate if you would do the same but you do not have to.I DONTroleplay with people who do such things like*kisses*, *hugs*. M, WAYV reaction when you wear revealing clothes, Requested? Like a playoff from your latest mafia wayv?? How do you do this to me.. He thought, hugging you and kissing your neck.BabyWhy do you do this to me? Lowkey pissed but tried not to show it. Out for the night. Im actually trying to lose some weight. Yandere!NCT 127 | Finding Their S/O Hiding From Them. People would probably think he is Jaes kid instead of his. "Nope. Please forgive me, atleast say something!. HAHAH DONT WORRY BORROW MY JACKET!! Of course not, I justIm just a little shocked that you are asking me this He sighed, and decided to just apologize. Show. He would basically make their live a living hell for a day or two. Nct Dream Reaction to You Coloring Their Tattoos Mark: "You have got to be kidding me." He deadpanned as he saw you walk towards him with a bucket of markers. No one else could tell him otherwise, unless they had complete evidence that was all true. You dont see ANY resemblance?No, why?No reason.He decided he was just paranoid, labeling himself as stupid. *:A Chatbot is basically where someone will pretend to be a character/person, or their own OC, and have it so people can chat to them. He wasnt trying and he was a joke for trying to work for us. Jealous wayv! But he wasnt amazing. So when you came outside in them he didnt even care, not noticing how minority of his members were looking at you, thinking you Werner wearing any pants under the over size shirt. Favourite color would have to be either purple or a dark blue I would choose black but its a shade so thats disappointing. Binnie broke the kiss, giving you a tissue to clean yourself up.Youre too cute, baby. Where the fuck did you go? Out. Taeil -beach day. Jisung ran his hand through your hair in a comforting way.Keep away from my weapons, okay? Haechan's Reaction: S/O Mothering Nct Dream ; Haechan's Reaction: His S/O is a Good Singer; Haechan's Reactions: His S/O is Feeling Confident Jaemin. If not thank you xx. "y/n, aren't you cold?" you just laugh but not in a mean way ofc. Take your time with responding. You felt your bottom lip start to wobble, hands shaking. Why arent you asleep? You snap back, eyes finally adjusting to the light. nct 127 NCT taeyong nct taeil johnny johnny seo nakamoto yuta doyoung jaehyun winwin jungwoo mark lee haechan nct reactions NCTU nctdream kpop reactions. If they did anything, like touch you when you were wearing clothes like this, or stare at you weirdly. A/n: my heart bust an uwu this is a cute request, day 3 of the posting everyday for a week celebration :)). We have all the stuff to make them!, Chenle: He would highkey screech when you walked in like that, which hurt everyones ears. EX: If you/your oc is 18, you can change the age to 22 to be older than JiJi if you would like! JEALOUS? He was letting out all sorts of complaints. When you walk down the stairs in your green dress which fell above your knees, showing a bit off. It was a silly thing for you to do, but being near Hongjoong when he was angry made you stressed. Read You are wearing their shirt from the story NCT Dream images/reactions by Hana000000888899999 (Hana) with 53 reads. He got you whatever food whatever you wanted, whatever show, whatever clothes. We got NCT one two seven squad under our beltNow it's time for NCT dream! He would want you in his sights at all times so he could keep you safe from anything and everything. you found it slightly amusing that he was jealous. Maybe even jealous, considering that Y/N does hang with him a lot. Do started to take Johnnys words into consideration, realizing that hes actually right and he was just imagining things. AT A FAN SIGN. 393 notes Oct 28th, 2018. A little too close for his liking, considering the fact that you were basically naked. I gained like 8? You are not wear things that make you uncomfortable just for me. To be honest I see him pushing you back inside with pink hued cheeks. you guys got your own private room to sing, eat and have fun. Its hard for me to even vote because when I watch their stages Im like shit now who the hell do I vote for. of course you took it as a friendly touch, but you understood how it looked to renjun. -Its fine if you want to change the age of yourself to be older than Jisung/Changbin. I'm plus-size and over 6" tall - trolls say I weigh '200 pounds' but I consider that skinny,A PLUS-SIZE woman who is head and shoulders above most of her peers has had enough of people guessing her weight. They had the same eyes and even nose. He was very naive to the fact that some members were staring at your body. Were youCrying?I-Im really really sorry, it was an accid-What are you talking about? You held out the camera, whimpering at his shocked face.Im so so sorry, I really didnt mean to! You cried out, covering your face with your hands. So I made another blog which going to be dedicated to my rated/mature reactions and imagines! Mine: I wasted too much money on a Red Velvet show.. How humorous. Mark: Another fluent English speaker, since he grew up in Canada. Got it? Yeah, he was a devil in disguise.Babe. Taeil: When he saw you walk into the practice room with a croptop/tanktop that slightly showed your bra/stomach and short-shorts on, his eyes widened. Yes, she may look like Jungwoo. Im sooooo freakin impressed with the stage! -You want to ask me questions through Inbox? BUT I will do basically anything else (EX: BDSM, DDLB/MDLB/CGL, Ageplay, petplay, omorashi, etc etc. Probably wont even notice until one of his members mention it. But the minute you saw him, your legs started to shake and you forgot everything.Whats wrong, babygirl/boy? He asked, rubbing your cheek. He'd hate it when you wear such tempting short skirts, exposing your bare legs like that. Kun only just got home, taking of his blazer, chucking over the sofas back. but even . Indeed, they are expected to flout these maxims for their creations to acquire an 'artistic' character. 10? So if its not good Im sorry about that. You can be new to it, Im patient! my inbox is always open for requests or anything. Can I request mafia!wayv getting jealous after a arranged marriage?? NO YOU ARE NOT GOING DOWN IN JUST YOUR UNDERGARMENTS/BOXERS! : Yes! Get out of my sight before I beat your ass. The boy scurried out, closing the office door behind him.Hyunjin sighed, looking over at you. "You're not going out like that.". Hed go up and give you a kiss, then lead you away from his members gazes. svtgot7reactions: "Nct Dream reaction to you wearing their clothes A/n: my heart bust an uwu this is a cute request, day 3 of the posting everyday for a week celebration :)) Mark: can't resist. He loved to tease you, sometimes mocking what youd say, then calling you cute, which honestly made you question why you were still with him. Or both if you would like. *pants*. Renjun Im not wearing it for their eyes, to be honest Im not even wearing it for you you laugh making him smile along with you. Hey Felix/Oppa/Hyung.Not right now, please leave so I can work in peace.O-oh, but- Felix looked at you, pissed. Looking you in the eyes, he made you promise never to scare him like that again. Lets go look at the garden together., Hyunjin:STOP MESSING UP, ITS FUCKING ANNOYING! He yelled to the newbie, who let his head hang low. He would scream at you and physically punish you by giving you a few hard spanks. He seemed to only care about himself lately. Then, DM/PM this account and tell me about yourself and/or your OC. Hongjoong shook his head Im not going to fight with you no more. He'd hate seeing you wear such short clothes, shamelessly showing your body to everyone. [You can also roleplay as a different SKZ member, besides Bin and Sung, too!] You stood in the dark living room by yourself, after opting to leave your boyfriend alone with his anger, you finally returned home after almost two hours of wondering the streets. Taeil:Honestly, when he saw how much his son looked like Yuta, he was conflicted and so nervous. jisung, haechan, jaemin. Y/N. The argument was petty on his behalf. Then he saw you, dressed better than he has ever seen . Kun: He would kinda be in shock, just looking around to see if the members were looking, but felt relieved when only Sicheng focused on you, but it was only to greet you. Jaehyun. He asked all the members, excluding WinWin, if they saw it too. I do maleXmale, femaleXmale, and genderneutralXmale. So when youd talk, he would sorta freeze up and put on his awkward smile, normally responding withyea or just accidentally saying something in Korean. But after he calmed down a bit, hed sit next to you and try to understand why you hid. +. He decided to take the risk anyways.Uhm, babyPlease dont take this in any offensive way, but do you notice how much our child looks like Nakamoto..?Hm? Reaction - you wearing something revealing - 127. The thought of you being scared didnt upset him, just angered him. To begin roleplaying, just like and reblog this post. Thats what I was trying- I was worried about you, you left so late at night but I didnt chase you and I dont know why. You easily plunge your legs into the leg holes, pulling up the jeans that slide up your hips and rest at your waist. Really tried to understand from your point of view, why you tried to hide from him. Now lets go play videogames., Jaemin: He would raise an eyebrow with a lowkey smirk on his face. Hed clear his throat, taking off his shirt and forcing it on you. then can't stop smiling because you're so beautiful and you're his s/o and he's so lucky. Lee Mark~ He would be a little flustered being the shy guy he is! Why? I like it. He'd absolutely hate all of that. Please never do that again. blushes and gets nervous and can't remember what he was going to say. He took Sichengs coat, not caring about the protests, and put it on you, hoping to cover you up a bit. Jaehyun:Hm. He really tried. With a deep breath, you approached the couch and sat down beside him, avoiding eye contact for fear of his reaction. WOWW, ARENT YOU, YA KNOW, A LIL COLD!? Hed probably lock you in his room and not let you leave until two weeks was over. But he would bother you a lot to teach him more English, sometimes even wake you up at 2 in the morning just to tell you a new word hes learned. A/N: This is not proofread so be aware of writing mistakes :) I hope you enjoy!! Pranking them, messing with them,jokingly insulting them slightly. A/N: This is not proofread so be aware of writing mistakes :) I hope you enjoy!! I-Im sorry hyung, I just got worried..I understand. If Omega, you/your OC has to be a Beta or Alpha. Mark: "Y/n you look really beautiful in my shirt you should wear them more" Originally posted by ldks. They met through JYP Entertainment! Baby baby! you got added to a groupchat with him in it. But I personally roleplay as if it is a fanfic. NCT Reactions *Finished* Milk Boi. I love you baby., Jeongin (I.N):Honestly, when he scolded you for some of the first times, he thought you were trying to get out of it by making him feel guilty.He then started to realize that you actually were just really sensitive. But he would still hope to teach you the basics of Korean so you could communicate with his members. I love you baby, so so so much. Almost upset to the point of tears. Thank you for requesting!! Urghh. Jisungs eyes landed on your top which wasnt leaving a lot to imagine. Im sorry. She is 100% yours. Jaemin's Reaction: Protecting His S/O; Jaemin's Reaction: His S/O Has A Bad Day; Yangyang. He'd hate it when you wear tight shirts that marked the outline of your chest, leaving very little to imagination. You'd be able to tell he wouldn't know what to say. #nct u scenario #nct u mtl #nct 127 scenario #nct 127 reaction #nct 127 mtl #nct dream mtl #nct dream . This is complete fiction, my imagination. I gained like 8? Are you actually cheating on me with one of my best friends..?N-NO! Im so ridiculous he spoke and all you could do was nod at him. I-I was scared You admitted, making him shake his head and grip your shoulders, staring into your eyes with a soft look. His son was his and he was very confident with that claim. Dont worry, you can dress as revealing as you want when we get home., YoonOh (Jaehyun): He would kinda just look down, face palming and laughing when you showed up like that. DID YOU SLEEP WITH Y/N! Where are you going? He asked, making you widen your eyes. Would you like to go shopping for new clothes darling? TRIGGER WARNING mentions of domestic abuse but no graphic depictions of it.. You dont need to. ?, Jeno: He would smile cutely at you, trying to ignore the choice of clothes you picked. But decided not to mention his thoughts to you OR Sicheng. He starting feeling worried after he couldnt find you for fifteen minutes straight, so he started pulling everything out. ), Obedient Changbin (Sexually or/and Romantically), Bratty Changbin (Sexually or/and Romantically), Hybrid Changbin (Like Omegaverse. WinWin:He never really thought about it, till he saw a pic of Jungwoo and his daughter together. After the 6 months you two have been married, thats the longest sentence he has ever said to you. Your dream may be reflecting that you're trying out different approaches, working out what feels comfortable. So he decided to be extra kind to you. Baby, why did you come here wearing that.Because I didnt feel like trying to get dressed.Oh He just smiled and kept hugging you so the others couldnt stare.No moree, only dress like this for meee! Its roleplay. met you from a mutual friend. Yeah you were wearing little clothing than usual, but its still you? I'm gonna make you pretty." You booped his nose and sat next to him on the couch. especially because they're kind of oversized on you and they make you look like such a cute little bean! Like everyone had their own style that differs them from one another. Which you were butttt . Doesnt make sense does it? He decided to be brave and immediately ask you about it.Hey, do you ever realize how much (S/N) looks like Yoon Oh?I meanNot really? After yelling at you, he decided to aggressively kiss you. He knows you would never do that, and that you loved him. I got Mindblown like every stage! I like it. Feel free to send in request, just dont expect them to be out fast TT, I hope all of you are doing wonderful, I wish the best for you all and I hope to write a new reaction on here soon. You saw him working on some files with a stressed-out expression. He felt confused when he saw tears in your eyes. -I do not judge how people roleplay normally. We dont want her to be awkward too, ya know? Where are you going? He asked, making you widen your eyes. he loves seeing you in his clothes! I'm so sorry. Im sorry okay., Hiii! What!? K-Pop girl/boy groups do it ALL the time!Hehe, its just new for them to see me like this sweetie . With that, he had a small debate in his head whether to be mad or not.Oh, whatever. I REPEAT, NO ONE STARE AT THIS CHILD! They are the ones being penetrated or whatever. Wait- Nono! In a similar vein to wearing new clothes, trying them on indicates change may be on the way. Their highly-anticipated, 1.7 million-seller first studio album, Hot Sauce, is out today (May 10). it doesn't suddenly hit him one day that he fell for you. You confirmed his belief after you were also shocked and laughing. So he would communicate with you just fine, actually enjoying talking in English. Thats the exact reason this fight started in the first place. oops i was the one who sent a tbz reaction request, I just saw that the request were closed after I've sent it it's alright then pls ignore it if it's closed. This is complete fiction, my imagination. No no no, I dont think so. He chuckled, while you glared at him. Hi sorry it took so long!! Im only doing this because I love you. His expression went soft when he heard you cry and he looked at the food.*sigh* Get back here please! Nct 127 reaction: you're wearing their clothes. Dont you think its too short? You and turning around. "At least you'll have your going away present if you miss me," Yuta teased, nipping at Mark's earlobe. He would immediately stop so he could look you up and down, then slowly look over to his members. Please !! Who wouldnt? The way he would only stare at you with a glare, the way he would only speak to you if he had to. nct dream masterlist // official masterlist 02.24.19 genre: fluff a/n: is it obvious that i'm absolutely obsessed with nct rn orrrrrrrrr renjun um,,,hope u live near a hospital bc u just gave him a. Why would you ever cheat? Thats the exact reason this fight started in the first place. Johnny: He invited some of the members to your house to hang out, but he almost choked when he saw you come down in only a towel. He immediately went over to you and stood infront of you, blocking the view of you from the others, and he took the drinks from your hand. What surprised him even more was the fact that you were wearing revealing clothes. It kinda freaked him out, so he decided to tell you. You really think so..? Jaehyun immediately gasped, standing up with a deadly glare. He knew you loved him and would never do anything like that. As soon as you walk into the dorms his eyes in on you, but he wouldnt say anything until it was just you two alone. I love you so much Mark. He smiled and kissed you. can I request nct dream and WayV reaction to you wearing revealing clothes? 10? Now go get changed before I force you he smiled finally, giving you a cute little smooch and you did what he said. Chenle are you okay with that? Haechan joked making the boy finally raise his head and look at you as you poured yourself a drink. Dont worry Ill be back Im not running away yet you joke around but Kun didnt laugh back. Have you watch kingdom? THINK. Okay bye and with that he watched you walk out the door. Ya know, I think Mark is starting to rub off on (D/N). yeah can I um have it back?, dont worry though, hell offer you another hoodie of similar size and style and almost melts when you get excited over it. My length of reply changes. Which eventually turned into something more, much to your denials. Someone was mad, youd cry. With a feeling of regret, he ran up to your shared room, knocking profusely. Y/N! He would wander around the house, searching for you everywhere. Hello, my name is Shadow & I love Kpop, especially SKZ, & NCT! Nor would Y/N. He realized that Mark was right, and it was probably a coincidence.Hey sweetheart. I think its perfect. He smiled turning you around to kiss you. Taeyong: Taeyoung walked in to your apartment to find you asleep on the couch, he was supposed to come over earlier but completely lost track of the time. Nct Dream reaction to you wearing their clothes. Yesssss I love kingdom although I dont like mnet (be honest who does?) I need to get my clothes-Ill get them for you. Technically, he didnt really tell you when they would be over, so it wasnt your fault. You just sat next to Jungwoo as he started the movie.Yahh I missed my babyyy! but every single challenge those groups get they always deliver!! You worried the fuck out of me! Having enough of being alone in a big house, you decided to go out for the night, let loose at least. Eventually he found you in a cabinet, with a look of fear in your eyes. BTS Reaction to You Wearing Revealing Clothes. . I got Mindblown like every stage! Look at this picture! Stray Kids' Bang Chan Names His Favorite Korean Actor, Revealing They Are Close IRL. But once he saw your tears, it was all over. Nope. Lets talk you scoff, hands crossing over your chest. This is Mafia!au so if that makes you uncomfortable please dont interact. renjun wouldn't say he fell for you, that's too abrupt and harsh. Lets see how fast you can do it! Hed be a mix of confused and furious.Once he found you hiding in the living room closet, hed probably force you onto the bed and then started yelling at you. His notebook laid on his lap as you picked what colors to use on the mean . Now the button. So please do not DM this account if you plan on wanting Changbin/Jisung to be the top/dominant one(s)! Very mad. You thought maybe Hongjoong fell asleep, he probably didnt care that you walked out at almost midnight, it wouldnt surprise you. This is also not proof-read. And if you were eating something, hed tell you how to say what you were eating in Korean, and then in English if he could. I MISSED YOU, SORRY FOR BEING LATE! By bottom/sub, I do not mean just sexual. Here have some popcorn!, Yukhei (Lucas): He would look around in disbelief almost, lowkeyan I ooping. Nor do I do necrophilia or bloodrelated-incest (AKA related by blood). Occasionally I might get writers block and not know what to respond with right away LOL. none yet! No no, listen to me. "Got7 reaction to s/o wearing a top with great clevage amongst the other members. Renjun: actually recognises when he's falling for you so he's less surprised by it. ! He whined, hugging you from the front so no one could see your beauty, while you laughed at him with the members.