Guides . Tame him. You can catch the Tyrants, after you've finished the Story. Continue south into the cave and then explore it thoroughly to find the Nexomon listed below. Let them do the job. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America),, You can find ALL 9 Starters in the Palmaya region, Go South until Frozen Lake from Outlands - West Entrance, Go inside the Cave in Outlands - Frozen Lake. And thank you for this guide. They have the ability to conceal their presence, but they Rarely use it as they. Tastiest_Soup (Topic Creator) 2 years ago #4. This portion of the Haunted Woods contains a Graveyard. Valve Corporation. Defeat Xanders. Speak to the NPC inside to start the fight. After you have finished the story, return to the prison north of Lateria. Experience the original Nexomon story for the first time on console! Enter it. As the game has had regular updates so far, there may be missing balance adjustments, items and quality of life features if you don't play on the most up to date version. Finished Story. Overall Guide (Quests, Nexomon, Items, ) (99% done) (NO Story Walkthrough) (NO Abyssal Update Updates). Go to Cadium. Return to President. Finding and Battling Florozard. No. In the guilds research lab in the DLC location, inside the mine. Does not evolve further. You can find #371 Nara West of the Hidden Village. Khan Woods North #098 Bushnome #137 Fainglori #052 Dredrone #242 Duktar #116 Eqoloptera. Nexomon: Extinction's world is huge and the starters are "Ultra Rare," so they can be a bit hard to find. At the crossroads north of the Orphanage, go west into a small area with plenty of grass. Due to Char-Limit I split the Side Quests in Side Quests, Greater Drake Quests and Primordial Tyrant Quests. The mega rare and ultra rare have a few stat points above the others, but they are not very noticeable from each other. From there, leave Cadium via the west exit and follow the very linear path until you find yourself in a ruined warehouse-like area with a low fog.#NexomonRarityDetail015GemaxarAnywhere019ZumbleAnywhere020ZaspAnywhere021ZappnicAnywhere067BaloompaAnywhere068BlimpapaAnywhere115SoniqoAnywhere138ScooptorAnywhere140MinetorAnywhere187CruffAnywhere188CronchoAnywhere189DomigatorAnywhere200FrictingleAnywhere213MallarkAnywhere214ThrammerAnywhere223TesladAnywhere343GekokoAnywhere, Start from the Lateria Fast Travel crystal and then leave via the east exit. North Graveyard (Northeast of Intersection), Intersection (Further North of Resting Place), East Intersection (East 3 of City Center), Southeast Intersection (South of East Intersection), South Southwest of Southeast Intersection, North Entrance (South of Immortal Citadel). If you wanna join the Discord you can as well! Ultra Rare. Locations [] Skill Tree [] Categories Categories: Fire Nexomon; Starter nexomon; Nexomon; Nexomon: Extinction; Add category; Cancel Save. All maps from Map 1-1 to Map 2-4 permanently disappear much later on, during post game. 6th August 2020 By PQube. Is there by any chance some in-game reward or achievement? ), #509 - A Little Help (Bronze Badge required), 1x Max Elixir (NPC, after getting Silver Badge), 3x Perfect Berries (NPC, after getting Silver Badge), 1x Nature Shard & 1 Tempest Shard (NPC, after getting Silver Badge), #521-#535 (Primordial Tyrant and Greater Drake Quests), Deliver Supplies from #509 - A Little Help, #289 - Rapnux (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x3, 1x Elemental Shard (from NPC after #01 - The Frozen Lake), 2x Shard Spot (Pickaxe required) (1x Water Skill required), #296 - Divette (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x1, #297 - Gradow (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x1, #505 - The Tree of Gifts (Bronze Badge required), #501 - Liam's Stolen Letter (upon entering), #296 - Divette (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x2, #501 - Liam's Stolen Letter -> Quest Item, #502 - Alfred's Dream (Bronze Badge required), #297 - Gradow (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x2, #296 - Divette (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x5, #297 - Gradow (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x3, 1x Shard Spot (Pickaxe required) (Wind Skill required), #294 - Hyphoon (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x2, 2x Shard Spot (Pickaxe required) (2x Wind Skill required), #508 - Catching a Namansi (Bronze Badge required), #294 - Hyphoon (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x1, #519 - The Middleman (see Quests for Solution and Trade details), 1x Apple (Treestump to the right, no shiny item spot thing), #294 - Hyphoon (Mega Rare) (Lure required) (1/1) x5, 3x Shard Spot (Pickaxe required) (Wind Skill required). Summary: Nexomon: Extinction is a return to classic monster catching games, complete with a brand new story, eccentric characters and over 300 unique Nexomon to trap and tame. At the back of this cave, in another room, theres a patch of grass containing the below Nexomon:#NexomonRarityDetail001CloddyIn Grass032StingerIn Grass075RubbyIn Grass135FanlingIn Grass145CalfterIn Grass199WoozyIn Grass207SkunquteIn Grass325DinjaIn Grass. In the post-game, there are 11 Legendary Nexomon which roam from area to area, meaning that you can find them in wild encounters almost anywhere, while some of them only appear in specific areas. You can get Brauncher by reaching level 33 with Puggard. Go south from there to find a small area with some grass patches containing the following: In the South of Orphanage Camp area, theres a small hole in the ground which you can only reach by using the Air Elemental ability. Head inside and explore each room of this cave to find the following Nexomon:#NexomonRarityDetail007BloopishAnywhere008GlimooryAnywhere017HelipaAnywhere112NakazuruAnywhere133DurtaclesAnywhere134RoclasAnywhere146CalplexAnywhere196CrooAnywhere302IgnigonAnywhere311OrgotAnywhere316VoltAnywhere, Continue east out of the area with the cave entrance to enter into another area with pink grass and a large dragon statue.#NexomonRarityDetail019ZumbleIn Grass044LarkitoIn Grass045MoskaIn Grass141TundriIn Grass313FlotterIn Grass314DratterIn Grass319WadgonIn Grass340MearnIn Grass, Continue on by heading North from East of Lydias Village to enter an area with a large pink grass patch#NexomonRarityDetail019ZumbleIn Grass044LarkitoIn Grass045MoskaIn Grass141TundriIn Grass298BasilIn Grass299WysilIn Grass313FlotterIn Grass314DratterIn Grass320WadtailIn Grass322DeyamIn Grass340MearnIn Grass, Return south to East of Lydias Village and head even further south into another area with the entrance to one of the Legendary Nexomon Shrines.#NexomonRarityDetail019ZumbleIn Grass044LarkitoIn Grass045MoskaIn Grass141TundriIn Grass301DrareIn Grass302IgnigonIn Grass322DeyamIn Grass340MearnIn Grass, Continue east from Southeast of Lydias Village via the east exit into an area with lots of floating islands.#NexomonRarityDetail019ZumbleIn Grass044LarkitoIn Grass045MoskaIn Grass141TundriIn Grass298BasilIn Grass299WysilIn Grass302IgnigonIn Grass314DratterIn Grass319WadgonIn Grass340MearnIn Grass. Go to Mining Club. Instead, you'll join the Tamer's Guild, a collective of Nexomon Tamers who assist individuals across the region. If you still can't decide which to choose, most of the types are very . Nexomon: Extinction is a turn-based RPG that is a monster catching game that is similar to Pokemon. Once there you will find a research center that will have a black-haired scientist on the right side of the help desk. Theres a patch of grass in the southeast corner containing#NexomonRarityDetail010SpikusIn Grass122PoyalIn Grass123PuggardIn Grass124BrauncerIn Grass130SnushIn Grass220FrogickIn Grass221CranoadIn Grass. Head inside the Orphanage and rescue three hostages. Orphanage Parum City Outlands Immortal Citadel Desert Outpost Ignitia The Drake Isles Frozen Tundra Lateria Cadium Palmaya Hidden Village Precursor Mountain I cannot guarantee that these locations list every possible Nexomon spawn. It evolves from Aferaid at level 33. The world is on the brink of extinction as mighty Tyrant Nexomon fight for dominion over humans and monsters. This guide should provide overall information about Nexomon Locations, Item Locations, Vaults, Quests, Healer Locations and so on and so on Hello, I am trying to note everything down for the seperate Zones (found Items, Nexomon, Quests, and so on). Head inside and search each room for the following Nexomon:#NexomonRarityDetail011SpikarmAnywhere012ThornoxAnywhere035FaucefantAnywhere096ScalderAnywhere097ScaillaAnywhere131ShloomAnywhere197CadetoAnywhere239QuaraugaAnywhere275MermellaAnywhere276SirnymfaAnywhere278ReeferusAnywhere. They are extremely hard to find and even more to catch. #nexomon #nexomonextinction #pokemonIn this video we go over where to find each of the Nexomon Extinction starters. Leave the settlement via the west exit, where you will find a small camp with a healer and a shop. Nexomon: Extinction's world is huge, so thankfully there's a video guide that shows where you can find each of the nine starters in Nexomon: Extinction. Important Information: 1. Revive Eurus. Sneak back inside and speak to Amelie in her cell. #332. You can progress after #05, and the Shrine. Lots of Fights due to Story, prepare to fight ~8 Nexomon without being able to heal from menu. Follow the direct path until you discover two routes - one leading to the vault room and the other leading to an exit. HP. Head inside and search each chamber thoroughly for the following Nexomon:#NexomonRarityDetail19ZumbleAnywhere20ZaspAnywhere22BranipusAnywhere23CerebriusAnywhere70CromeonAnywhere73CranillowAnywhere74SwactrumAnywhere80VarawirlAnywhere80VarawirlAnywhere81PloriolAnywhere82BomriolAnywhere122PoyalAnywhere123PuggardAnywhere128JelifloAnywhere143PrankrowAnywhere144KromicideAnywhere151BlublubAnywhere152GloblobAnywhere154MantooAnywhere173StreamogAnywhere189DomigatorAnywhere214ThrammerAnywhere227RiphaAnywhere228GrimmonAnywhere252GrebenAnywhere346MasquitiAnywhere347MasqatAnywhere, Return to the Fast Travel point in the Frozen Tundra and then head west into an area with a frozen pond and a small tent.#NexomonRarityDetail084ShardrineIn Grass086SounseIn Grass087MoundIn Grass193SandilloIn Grass194GravelloIn Grass240MoonlineIn Grass212MallishIn Grass235HydripIn Grass331NokiIn Grass332VainokIn Grass, Continue on by crossing the small wooden bridge at the lower-center side of the West of Frozen Tundra area to leave via a south exit to a large frozen lake.#NexomonRarityDetail016HeliwurmIn Grass017HelipaIn Grass029GriffgarIn Grass030LionessIn Grass096ScalderIn Grass182HohopiIn Grass183MojompuIn Grass235HydripIn Grass236HydroseIn Grass250CoralIn Grass251GrebalIn Grass256MoonicaIn Grass325DinjaIn Grass326DichalaIn Grass327NamansiIn Grass, Continue even further south into an area with a cave entrance in the southeast.#NexomonRarityDetail028GriffIn Grass029GriffgarIn Grass030LionessIn Grass096ScalderIn Grass235HydripIn Grass236HydroseIn Grass250CoralIn Grass251GrebalIn Grass325DinjaIn Grass326DichalaIn Grass327NamansiIn Grass, Enter the aforementioned Cave Entrance and explore the rooms there for the following Nexomon:#NexomonRarityDetail025SkerdiAnywhere026AferaidAnywhere035FaucefantAnywhere036DraniphantAnywhere080VarawirlAnywhere172StreamoleAnywhere191SingletteAnywhere268MuuAnywhere269CarcarosAnywhere275MermellaAnywhere343GekokoAnywhere344KamelevoAnywhere, Leave the cave and then continue on via the west exit, which takes you into another area with a large frozen body of water.#NexomonRarityDetail028GriffIn Grass029GriffgarIn Grass030LionessIn Grass091MadamusaIn Grass092BrumtlerIn Grass138ScooptorIn Grass139ExcravatorIn Grass183MojompuIn Grass235HydripIn Grass236HydroseIn Grass250CoralIn Grass251GrebalIn Grass327NamansiIn Grass, Proceed even further south into another long linear route with grass patches containing the following Nexomon:#NexomonRarityDetail090MedlassIn Grass092BrumtlerIn Grass182HohopiIn Grass220FrogickIn Grass235HydripIn Grass236HydroseIn Grass250CoralIn Grass251GrebalIn Grass326DichalaIn Grass, Continue even further south to arrive in the area where the Frozen Tundra (Base) Fast Travel point is.#NexomonRarityDetail016HeliwurmIn Grass017HelipaIn Grass018HeliventusIn Grass090MedlassIn Grass091MadamusaIn Grass092BrumtlerIn Grass096ScalderIn Grass220FrogickIn Grass326DichalaIn Grass327NamansiIn Grass, Start from the Cadium Fast Travel Point and go through the south exit to enter Cadium. Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a Nexomon Locations Guide. In the grass there, you will find the following Nexomon: Enter the Cave Entrance in The Outlands: East. Inside at the top-left corner of the cave, there should be stairs. Metro Exodus - All Green Lasers. Go to the vault room. Items: 10x Nexotraps (Story, not missable) 1x 25 Coins; West Path. Click on the type, and the Nexopedia will only display the monsters of that type. Aside from those 11, there are 15 More Nexomon which each have a quest tied to them. In Logans research lab in the DLC location. Namansi. Rarity. Continue North via the exit at the northwest side and then leave the city via the west gate. Normal. Last but not least, #378 Protovados and #379 Vados are super-secret hidden Nexomon. You can also find Vulazy here. For accurate results, include the zeroes when searching for a sub-100 database number (i.e. Starting from Parum, head south (or north from the bridge you were just at) and youll be in another grass-filled area south of the Parum Bridge.#NexomonRarityDetail028GriffIn Grass063OninIn Grass088ScaraticIn Grass102PorkletIn Grass159LeechyIn Grass168GoateezeIn Grass340MearnIn Grass. Cave #081 Ploriol #238 Florauge . Ultra rare. I did go to each individual location myself and verified that every single Nexomon I noted down actually spawned there. First West Village Side, then East. The Nexomon Extinction Location Guide below is segmented based on location and I've provided screenshots to help you determine each location. Attack. Youll be in another undersea corridor with a bench and a palm tree in a pot. Ultra rare HP 34 ATK 35 DEF 27 SPD 23 STA 14 *Stats subject to . The world is on the brink of extinction as m It is only visible to you. It challenges itself to stay hidden from others for long periods of time. based on the Nintendo Switch release (Ver. #001 - Cloddy - Evolves into Cubdy at level 13. Bring V 5x Ghost Shard. Please see the. Gekoko evolves into #344 - Kamelevo at level 15. Find the man who delivers the Explosives. The critically acclaimed game Nexomon: Extinction is finally available on iOS! One at City Center, One at City West Graveyard, One at City Market, Descend Grundas Chasm & Find your friends. You can find #370 Arqua In the middle of Palmaya. Jhep2x. One of the key differences between Nexomon: Extinction and games like Pokemon is the fact that the former doesn't feature a series of gyms to challenge. Continue east from the Immortal Citadel camp. Most likely you can find them in an area where you get evolved Nexomon and also find the first/secoond Evolution of it. 7) I highly suggest that people go visit the tropical island as soon as possible because you can find almost all of the ultra rare starters there plus a ton of rare and mega rare Nexomon. Mega Rare Locations. From there, continue via the south exit into an area with a red-roofed hut.#NexomonRarityDetail084ShardrineIn Grass086SounseIn Grass087MoundIn Grass193SandilloIn Grass194GravelloIn Grass196CrooIn Grass212MallishIn Grass235HydripIn Grass331NokiIn Grass, Continue east from Southeast of Frozen Tundra and you will enter an area with many frozen houses and several grassy patches.#NexomonRarityDetail016HeliwurmIn Grass017HelipaIn Grass018HeliventusIn Grass090MedlassIn Grass091MadamusaIn Grass093BrumenieIn Grass183MojompuIn Grass220FrogickIn Grass250CoralIn Grass258LunabelleIn Grass327NamansiIn Grass, Return to the Fast Travel point in the Frozen Tundra and then head north until youve crossed a large stone bridge.